The Spirit of Giving

First off, if you celebrate it, Merry Christmas!

Since today is historically considered a day of giving, I’ve decided to let loose an idea that I’ve had for a few months that will allow me (and hopefully many others) to give to those in need—through gaming… a lot.

Let’s start from the beginning. Quite a few games have been hitting their silver anniversaries: Mario and Zelda to name just two. Next year, my favorite series of all time—Final Fantasy—will have it’s turn. I felt like I needed to celebrate the occasion somehow. On a whim I started to look up the Japanese release dates of each of the games:

  Release Date (JP) Release Date (USA)
Final Fantasy I December 18, 1987 July 12, 1990
Final Fantasy II December 17, 1988 April 8, 2003
Final Fantasy III April 27, 1990 November 14, 2006
Final Fantasy IV July 19, 1991 November 23, 1991
Final Fantasy V December 6, 1992 October 5, 1999
Final Fantasy VI April 2, 1994 October 11, 1994
Final Fantasy VII January 31, 1997 September 7, 1997
Final Fantasy VIII February 11, 1999 September 9, 1999
Final Fantasy IX July 7, 2000 November 13, 2000
Final Fantasy X July 19, 2001 December 17, 2001
Final Fantasy XII March 16, 2006 October 31, 2006
Final Fantasy XIII December 17, 2009 March 9, 2010

I thought to myself, “What if I marathoned all of those games on the day of their release for charity?”

Crazy? Of course. Sure, the idea certainly isn’t new. But what better way to not only show my appreciation for the 25th birthday of a legendary gaming series but also give to those in need as well?

I’ve done the initial research around holding one of these and they’re not easy to coordinate, but I’m not letting that discourage me (even though I’ll essentially be throwing 12 of these). I have about a little over a month until I start on my first target, FInal Fantasy VII and here are a couple of my roadblocks:

  1. Deciding on a charity. I have a couple in mind.
  2. Finding a few other gamers willing to take the jump with me. It’s highly discouraged that I attempt any of the longer ones myself.
  3. The other logistics. Website, promotion, etc.

While this isn’t an outright call for assistance, if this sparks your interest, catch up with me on Twitter or Facebook. I’m equally anxious and excited to get this started, and when I have more information, I’ll post more information. ;)