On Removing Barriers to Writing

This’ll probably be the second and final post in mine in February. Has my fire been put out? Nope, but there’ve been a few roadblocks.

The first? A plan I had hoped to hatch this month has been put on hold due to a couple of “components” being backordered.

The second? It’s really easy for barriers like designing to get in the way of progress—almost too easy. It’s partly why I’ve left this place unfinished since I re-released. My content needed to look “good enough” for me to start writing and it worked! But now, I’m thinking of expanding on this place and it’s starting to get to me. This is what I’ll quickly jump into.

I love Harmony, I always have. It’s run by some of the best guys in the industry in my Ordered List co-workers. However, there have been a few minor points that I’ve lived with ever since I moved my blog here. The main one is the online template editing. My problem with it? It’s online. As awesome as it is, it’s not Sublime Text. It’s not a desktop experience. So there’s a barrier. It’s a barrier to finishing a design, which is a barrier to me continuing to write—you see can see where this is going.

So with a heavy heart, I’m going to be moving off of Harmony and onto GitHub Pages and Jekyll over the course of the next few weeks. It’ll be more of an experiment than anything else. I’ve said on multiple occasions that a static-site generator can’t hold my plans for Avalonstar, but with further research, I think it can. By bringing blogging to the same level as my development process, I hope to effectively knock down these barriers.

That said, tonight I’ve thrown Avalonstar up on GitHub in preparation for the move. Let’s hope this goes well!