One Year Ago & Six Months Later.

Today one of Jen and my pet projects, Hello! Base, turned one and my nostalgic self couldn’t help but think of what I was doing a year ago. I was “funemployed,” taking every waking hour to work on that project and the project that eventually helped me get my foot in the door at Twitch, Shiver.

Then April came along, and I joined Twitch. I wrote about my first three months briefly on my personal blog. But that was about working there, which is only half the experience:

I have a lot to look forward to though as there’s been an entirely new experience that has taken shape over the past months. I’ll talk about that in a post to come, but for the first time I feel like I’m a gamer that designs, rather than a designer who games.

This other half — the half that’s been arguably more impactful — has been my time as a broadcaster on Twitch. To be fair, my stint as “AvalonstarTV” wasn’t my first (and there’s proof), but the difference is like night and day when compared to that attempt.

Two years ago, while I was still at GitHub, I had done some work with the team that ran the After Hours Gaming League. It ultimately didn’t work out, but while I was there I had made up my mind:

[…] within a couple of years, I want this to be my life.

I meant Esports at the time, since I was still a gigantic StarCraft geek. I didn’t care what I’d have to do if and when I entered the “industry,” I just wanted to be here. But to be honest, I had no idea it’d be broadcasting.

I could go on for days about it; the games I’ve played, the jokes we’ve shared, that awesome after-cast feeling, PAX Prime, the Hidden Gems, jackAVALON… the list goes on. My fellow broadcasters, my friends, my viewers—you’ve all completely converted me. By day, I enjoy talking to you in the streams I frequent while I work on a product that we collectively love. Three nights a week, I sit at my desk and attempt to entertain people while enjoying my favorite past-time. It is “the dream” in every way possible.

And now, six months after I started this earnest attempt, over 2,200 people have clicked a small purple button showing — at very the least — a small interest in what I have to offer. Every time I think about it, it’s unbelievable. While I realize that everybody says this in every message or letter that goes out to their viewers, it rings true every time.

While it’s extremely easy for me to either get ahead of myself or doubt that I deserve any of this, I’ve been consistently reminding myself to enjoy the journey. Because this is only going to happen once. Despite my infamous ambition, I’m in no rush to “move up” the ranks, per se. I will take it one day at-a-time, one episode at-a-time, one viewer at-a-time.

To say that my life six months ago was completely different would be an understatement.