A little history.

A lot has happened since I bought this domain. Here's my recollection.


The website
I bought avalonstar.com.
September 28, 2000

Avalonstar, the domain, was a gift from my father--mainly in the form of being able to use his credit card to buy it. The name itself was a weird amalgamation of things. "Star" was always going to be part of the name, because being a senior taking an astronomy elective brought it to the forefront of my mind. The first half? Alero or Avalon. Yes, those are the names of two cars, both of them meant for old people.


The person
I graduated from Bridgewater-Raritan High School.
May 13, 2001


The person
I met Jen.
August 21, 2002


The person
I graduated from Johnson & Wales University.
May 21, 2005

After 4 years of twists, turns, and suspect choices, I graduated with a Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship. The college experience wasn't one of the most memorable times in my life. Life outside college, sure. I came into the college wanted to start a web company, before the first ".com boom." Maybe it was a bit ahead of its time, but Johnson & Wales' Entrepreneurship program at the time was more equipped to help those looking to start a resturant than an Internet company.

The person
I started working for Facebook.
August 15, 2005


The website
Avalonstar won Best Blog at SXSWi.
March 12, 2006

Riding the high off of a pretty popular eggroll-headed design, I had the great idea of entering Avalonstar for the "Best Blog" category at the 2006 South by Southwest Web Awards. I was pitted against people in the industry I really respected--Kelsey Ruger, Shawn Inman--and won out. I then proceeded to give one of the most awkward speeches in my public speaking career, as I was on the whole not ready for such a thing.

The person
I started Revyver.
July 01, 2006
The person
I started working for Automattic.
August 03, 2006


The person
I started working for GitHub.
January 03, 2011
The person
I married Jen.
August 21, 2011


The person
I started working for Twitch.
April 14, 2014
The person
I started streaming on Twitch.
April 26, 2014


The company
I became a full-time streamer.
March 16, 2016


The company
Ava was introduced.
September 23, 2018


The company
I incorporated Avalonstar.
January 01, 2019


The website
I relaunched avalonstar.com.
May 01, 2020
The website
Avalonstar turns 20.
September 28, 2020
Avalonstar is the 22-year-old personal website of Bryan Veloso: content creator, retired professional user interface designer, and compass of purpose.
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