Passion, Drive and eSports Commentating

I’m 4 episodes into Vlogalonstar—3 if you don’t count the introduction.

I’ve changed the angles around, I still want an DSLR (depth-of-field is sexy), I’ve switched from Final Cut Pro to Premiere and back to Final Cut Pro. But you know what, none of that matters if you can’t ship a video.

(I’m using an iPhone, by the way.)

Two weeks ago, that happened. Three times. I had one relatively serious video where one of the segments didn’t record any sound. After the frustration passed, I made a relatively silly video answering questions off of Formspring and the iPhone overheated halfway through and never saved the segment.

After that frustration passed—desperately wanting to actually record something—I went to Twitter for questions. Thankfully! I got a few, recorded and nothing terrible happened. So here you go, questions on passion, drive and the new Vlogalonstar Live.