I've shipped some things.

Some of the products I've shipped and where it happened.
January 2019

Avalonstar, Inc’s Founder

Avalonstar was always meant to just make websites, or just be a website--at least as far as I thought and dreamed about. Nineteen years later, my experience in tech combined with my more recent love of content creation led Avalonstar in a different direction. Avalonstar, the company, now represents all of my passions fused together.


April 2014

Twitch’s UI Designer

My 21 months at Twitch primarily showed me three things: the immense highs of designing for a feverishly passionate userbase, the frustrating depression of an executive bureaucracy that didn't use their own product, and that I needed a change in career. Working for Twitch opened my eyes to the new and unknown, in both good and bad ways.

January 2011

GitHub’s Super Hybrid Robot

My longest tenured position working for a company, GitHub holds a special place in my heart as one of the first companies that I felt socially accepted in. While not without its problems, it was GitHub that made me embrace my identity as a hybrid, and not just in design and development. I was able to grow in ways I could've never imagined, and create friendships that've long outlasted my time at the company.


CodeConf 2011 (Branding)OcticonsGist
July 2006

Automattic’s De-Uglyfier

My time at Automattic was a short four months, and a bit odd. Back then, given the amount of themes I for the WordPress platform, it made sense for me to want to work with the team that developed my favorite content management system at the time. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a rift between what I was excited about and what they ended up giving me.


July 2006

Revyver’s Founder

Revyver was initially the product of wanting to silo my personal and professional work. It was the moniker I worked under when I started to explore the reaches of Silicon Valley. Its purpose changed numerous times as my interest in client work ebbed. What started as an outfit designing blogs ended as one that built products, giving me a place to hone my development skills.

August 2005

Facebook’s Designer

Hired as the second product designer and employee #27, and home to my only ever 96 hour first week, Facebook was my first encounter with the Silicon Valley startup. I worked in two roles during my tenure: first as the company's Internet Explorer 6 expert, and later as one of the original members of the marketing team alongside Randi Zuckerberg. It was also my first run-in with a future disdain for middle management.


Facebook Pulse
Business Cards (Circa 2005)