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Brown's Losing It

If Bradford were at work today he would have definitely said:

You know what? It is so hard to find good help these days.

For once, he'd be absolutely correct. One part I do dislike about life is the fact that one can work years to get a good reputation and then lose it in one swift blow. Intentional or not, it makes life a lot harder in a very short period of time. Not only can individuals face this, but corporations and other entities as well.

Enron, Firestone Tire, Worldcom, Martha Stewaart - all of these companies threw all their hard work in the burner with one silly mistake.

The view of UPS has taken the same downfall. No, not because of one reason, some were just a lot worse than others.. I happen to love working for the UPS Store, but then again, I'm not working for UPS, I'm working for Joe. But there's an image there that we would all like to keep, and one that has been damn hard to sustain ever since Big Brown started messing things up. Lost packages, broken packages, silly claims, packages that would get lost before they even reached the first customer service center. For a while it seemed like it was one after another, every week for weeks on end.

Give me a break. We're trying to sell your services to the good people of Providence and how do you repay us, you lose packages and can never find them, you have broken and demolished some of our best packing work and say that it was our fault. Not even that, you can't even explain why a package that was headed for us from Florida got rerouted to Phoenix?

I often sit and think about this. Well, more than that, I usually open my mouth about it.

Let me continue by saying this: "If you were picking up a large package from a local UPS Store and heard your phone ring, would you put the package under your arm and literally drag it on the sidewalk to your truck?" Need I say more? I really wonder who hires these people sometimes, and what they're on when they accept these idiots.

Not that UPS as a whole has totally lost credibility, but the more you see these events happen, the more paranoid you get. So much so, that you'd be happy to ship boxes for people, just not your own. What keeps me from losing faith? Let's just say I have a large tank of it.

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