I play video games for a living. Not professionally, and not well by most measures. What started out as wanting my sister to watch me beat JRPGs as a child turned into a career that has allowed me to table my shame, and fully express myself, my passions, and my love of entertaining.

Avalonstar on Twitch is live from Tuesday to Friday most weeks starting at 2pm Pacific.

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She's an avid cosplayer, my first original character, and the representation of a community of "Crusaders" that I founded on Twitch.

Ava is the personification of the parts of my personality and creativity that I've historically found hard to express on my own. For me, and many others--she's more than just an image on a screen.

Things Iβ€˜ve recorded.

Out with it.
This [2019] in Avalonstar
So Long Stormblood, and thanks for all the UX!
Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers: Live Letter 52 User Experience Review
Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers: The Devs Posted About QoL Changes!

Things Iβ€˜ve written.

Words on pages. Most of them old.
On Becoming Comfortable in Your Own Shoes

Hello, my name is Bryan Veloso and I've been around the web for a bit. Since I bought this domain in 2000, Avalonstar has been one of the longest-running constants in my life. It has managed to change in both form and function as much as I have, going from personal site, to blog, to online moniker, to company namesake, and back again.

Avalonstar is an extension of me: the designer, the developer, the gamer, the content creator, the entrepreneur, and whatever else the next 20 or so years have to offer.

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β€œHe did that bowling thing, but that was it. πŸ˜œβ€
β€”Dustin Diaz, @ded
β€œYou've lived a very strange life dude.”
β€”Elsie Ng, @_elsieng
β€œWho remembers the OG’s of the web? 456 Berea Street, Stop Design, Mezzoblue, Avalonstar, SimpleBits, Authentic Boredom… Miss those days.”
β€”Noah Stokes, @motherfuton
β€œWait until you see what he can do with a semicolon.”
β€”Michael McHugh, @mmchugh
β€œThe guy that said "HOLY!" during the [Final Fantasy XIV] Shadowbringers E3 trailer.”
β€”Fusionx, @rofldrg