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The company I started.

In 2019, Avalonstar was reimagined and incorporated as a firm with a focus on down-to-earth content creation and providing services for our peers in the industry.
Providing chill, down-to-earth content four days a week—with a specialization in Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and (J)RPGs.
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Hello, my name is Bryan Veloso and I've been around the web for a bit. Since I bought this domain in 2000, Avalonstar has been one of the longest-running constants in my life. It has managed to change in both form and function as much as I have, going from personal site, to blog, to online moniker, to company namesake, and back again.

Avalonstar is an extension of me: the designer, the developer, the gamer, the content creator, the entrepreneur, and whatever else the next 20 or so years have to offer.

Take a look back
The guy that said "HOLY!" during the [Final Fantasy XIV] Shadowbringers E3 trailer.
Fusionx, @rofldrg
Who remembers the OG’s of the web? 456 Berea Street, Stop Design, Mezzoblue, Avalonstar, SimpleBits, Authentic Boredom… Miss those days.
Noah Stokes, @motherfuton
Wait until you see what he can do with a semicolon.
Michael McHugh, @mmchugh
What's the equivalent of punk rock but for the tech industry? Because I feel like you are it.
Elsie Ng, @_elsieng
He did that bowling thing, but that was it. 😜
Dustin Diaz, @ded
Avalonstar is the 22-year-old personal website of Bryan Veloso: content creator, retired professional user interface designer, and compass of purpose.
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