I’ve always been one to try and stay a step ahead of the rest. When it came to my designs in the past, and the style I tried to portray, a lot of people considered me to be in the front of the train.

Enter web standards.

Now you can throw me to the caboose. I have created a few sites in the past that are web standard compliant, and I am trying my hardest to try and keep that going. But as standards change and start to stabilze, I’m finding it harder and harder to even keep up with the rest of the pack. Now, I find myself struggling to contribute to a cause that is saturated. Most likely, the contribution will be little, and probably a duplicate of something already out.

It’s frustrating at times. But all you have to do is shorten the scope and I think that takes a lot of stress off things. How hard have you found it to keep up with all the changing standards of today’s design community? There are just so many ways to do one thing now, I’m more confused than motivated to try something.