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Election Day

This morning at about 11:30 I finally got the chance to go out and vote in my first major election. The polling place was the elementary school right across the street from my apartment, so I think I got off easy in that respect. It made me wonder why my elementary school didn't decide to be a polling place. Now come on, presidential elections are way more important than one day of school. Speaking of which, all institutes of higher education should get today off so they can vote. It's not going to happen, but couldn't that be a reason that some students can't vote?

The ballot itself was pretty simple, and I got through it with no problem. It did bother me a little that they didn't ask for my ID, so I really could have gone as somebody else if I was that messed up. Anyway, after voting for and against a few bond proposals and the obligatory exit poll for Asian Americans, I felt pretty good about my choice. I hope you have voted already, and I'm sure there has to be a pretty damn good reason why if you weren't able to. Just make sure not to complain about your peer's choice in the coming months. Remember you had the chance to do it yourself.

And now something completely different for the first "Wastebasket Special": Did you think your costume could beat the Human iPod?

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