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I Found My Pony

You know that feeling when you have so many things you can write about then you sit down and can remember none of them? Well, that's what's been happening lately.

Anyway, graduation is right around the corner. As everybody has their light at the end of the tunnel, mine happens to be this. A new car. I've had two cars in the past that I drove frequently, but both were used when I got them and they both suffered tragic deaths. One by a bump in the front causing the transmission line and clutch to snap, and the other one was just ripped to pieces.

So it's time to be pro-active for once in my life, and maybe by doing this I'm a little bit presumptious. But nevertheless it was a fun experience. A few days ago I test drove a 2005 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe. It was black with custom built 20-inch rims (holding a price tag of $4500), an automatic (ew.), with the deluxe package (leather seats, etc.). Here I am standing in the rain, shivering and staring at this thing. It's my first time test driving a new car, and the first time I had gone to a dealership by myself.

Now this car evokes two emotions, you either love it, or you despise it. For me, the choice was the former but in that I was pretty much committing the cardinal sin of the stereotypical Asian male - getting a domestic car. Was I worried? No. Besides, I'm not your stereotypical Asian (or aZn) anyway. I had my friends Dan and Dave there for moral support, as well as some people to give me a second opinion. This is becuase I'm known to jump into things.

The result? Awesome. Even though the model was not the one I would eventually buy, the power in the V6 Coupe was amazing, it sounded great and the handling was just like a smack against a baby's bottom (not like I know what that is). I can only wonder what the GT will be like, and what it'll do to my wallet.

Six months to go, and I want my pony now.

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