My iPod is Chinese.

Well, when you think of Apple, you think of California. At least that’s the way I thought about it. Not even California, just somewhere in the US. So I wake up this morning, check my email, and behold, I’m finally joining the millions of iPod owners around the world! Well, I ordered it yesterday, and it shipped out today… from Shanghi, China.

I bet there will be those people who will be thinking:

What the hell is this guy on? iPods are made in China and they’re shipped directly from there!

That was my first thought at least, because this is the first time that I had something come to me from a different country, expecting that the good folks at Apple would have some kind of distribution center for those lovely 20GB iPods somewhere in the US.

And finally, it was shipped FedEx. I’m going to get it when I walk into work on the 1st. I paid for the expidited shipping, so I guess from China that’s the earliest it could get to me.

Update: Thanks Jeff for clarifying that iPods are designed in California and assembled in China. Now I feel like less of an idiot. Maybe.