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Lately, I've come across many revelations; little smacks on the back of the head if you may. When my teachers and professors told me that learning is an everlasting process that takes place in formal and informal settings; they were right.

Through my family, friends and other loved ones, I can honestly say that I have gained a lot of experience. More in this past week than in the past few months. So many things happening at once. So many thoughts, solutions and resolutions passing through the neurons of my brain. At times, it felt overwhelming, and all I could do was cry. Not being afraid to say that, I always got up a little more determined.

I don't want to hurt anybody anymore. I want to be successful. I want to prove them all wrong.

Determination. Perseverance. Strength. Courage. Compassion. How I wish I could hold those qualities once more. As I look forward to the final light at the end of this 16-year-long tunnel, I wonder what the end has in store for me. I've been in school for so long. One more year, three more trimesters, and only 10 classes left. Then I'm done. My objective would have been accomplished, only to create another for some other dream I hope to fulfill.

Am I ready for what's out there? But more importantly, are they ready for me?

I hope to see you there, I'm looking forward to the rest of this journey.

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