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Time Management

I am trying to get the hang of this whole new schedule. It's busy, and packed with things to do. Not all of them are fun activities, but I guess you could say they are the ones that will matter most to me in the future. People can beg to differ, but we all have different priorities right?

On the even days of the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I work a full day. I would usually have two classes on those days as with all the others, but both of those classes are externships that I happen to be serving at The UPS Store. One could say that for two hours of every day, I'm actually getting paid to go to school. Go figure. On the odd days of the week, not including weekends, I do visit work but my day is mostly made up with classes; two at the most. The thing is, the classes are long. I understand that people will read this and laugh saying,

I've done this since I started working.

More power to them and keep it up. But they aren't the subject of this entry. You'll begin to learn that the amount of time and dedication I put into work makes it seem very high intensity. I don't seem to socialize with people on a daily basis that have this strict a work ethic as I do, so my comparisons are different, per se.

I've always had trouble balancing life. I admit that I'm intelligent, but time management between the social and other aspects of my life has never been my strong suit. I spend my time playing with my two kittens when I should really be trying to make a plan for when I'm going to work, do school projects or even hang out with people. One could guess that I'm a feline at heart when it comes to that. My attention is focused on this one activity, important or not and then immediately transfers to another. There's no planning, and if one thing's for sure, planning has been something I've been trying to embed in my head for the past few years.

The fact that I admit that is surprising to me, but many revelations have come up over the past few months. Things I've noticed about different people, different places and different situations. I even react differently to events that I would normally lose my head on. I can't really explain it fully, nor do I want to make false accusations about myself. I've done enough of that over the years.

One thing I might as well get used to is the fact that this is going to be a part of life for a while. A delightful fact of the matter is that the weeks are passing by a lot quicker than they did when I didn't have to work because the change of pace and the end of each day is really different from the last rather than seeming that way.

It's up to me whether I let this get to me or not, but I am definitely sure I have enough support structures around me so something like that doesn't happen.

Now to shop for that desk.

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