Trash for Sale.

We’ll we’re holing a garage sale next weekend. But that’s not really the point as is the fact that you never know how much junk you have until you actually have to decide what stays and what goes. Now I know what TLC’s Clean Sweep is like; just without the “experts” and the new rooms.

I’m going to be selling about half my clothing. Mostly because I don’t wear it anymore and when you don’t have any extra space for old clothing, it gets really annoying when you trip over them. I’m sure there are a lot of people that can put it to better use than I did, and whatever I don’t sell will go to charity (if I can get it there).

It’s always nice to get new stuff, and if you know me well enough, I’m always wanting something new and shiny. We’ve already bought one of those really cool chrome SimpleHuman trash cans. Most useless purchase ever, but I had the money and the chance. At least it was one of the decently priced ones (those things can go up to $175).

I’m going to be getting rid of this lousy OfficeMax desk, as well as our two TV’s, a full-tower computer case and the Abit motherboard that went inside it. What’s coming to replace it though are some really awesome things from the best furniture store in the world, Ikea.

And I say all this with a newly burnt hole through my wallet.