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A Friendly Contest Reminder

Shortest post ever, but it's for a reason. I checked my email today and haven't seen anything under "contest(at)avalonstar.com." So, with less than one month left in the contest - 27 days to be exact - I'm just giving out a friendly reminder. Remember, $300 worth of pretty much anything you want is up for grabs, and you'll be making an awesome t-shirt in the process!

No I'm not asking for entries now because I know great work takes time, but I'm also assuming that people forgot (which is understandable). The rules are the same, I haven't changed them or anything (even though somebody tried to get me to change shirt printers). But what I will say is that for ideas, people have come up with mascots, designs that aren't in the center of the shirt, and lots of other abstract things. No matter what you do (doesn't matter what it costs me in the end) remember this:

Make something that people will want to wear!

I'll leave you with that.

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