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An Omen of Death?

Best Fortune Cookie... Ever

Today I ate a scrumptious buffet lunch at this place where my family used to go all the time, then got tired of. Well, the food wasn't that great. But I got the best fortune cookie, an empty bag that was supposed to contain a fortune cookie. No, this is not a joke, that bag isn't open and all the air is still inside it. I couldn't help but burst out laughing when I got it, since everybody else grabbed for the cookies and I was left with the bag. That's what I get for being too slow I guess.

I wonder what this is supposed to be telling me. Emptiness? Death? A dead-end somewhere along the line? Maybe serenity? Am I doomed to be last place forever? Or maybe just some bad luck. I guess Buddha didn''t want me having a cookie today.

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