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Better to Give

Every year, for those who celebrate it, we go through 30 days of agony, stress and spending to get to one day of bliss and joy (hopefully). In the past, it's been a time that is looked forward to all year. Thoughts of what to get loved ones, thoughts of what would be received from loved ones. The last two weeks of every year seem to hold something interesting and joyful for people - no matter what your financial, emotional or physical status is. In a weird way, our culture has made December a month to remember, year after year.

This year especially has been special for me, since it was the first year where I put more focus on the giving than the receiving. For once, I was able to experience the happiness of seeing my parents flip over the presents I worked hard for. So as to not make this a totally useless entry, So from my family to yours, I want to wish you all a very happy holiday. I know by the time you read this you probably already experienced the festivities, but that's no reason to lose the spirit. As for me, I have a trip back to San Jose ahead of me and a lot of thinking to do. ;)

More on that soon.

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