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Blogging While Intoxicated

So kiddies, let's start with some education from the heavenly Wikipedia.

Drunkenness : [..] in its most common usage, is the state of being intoxicated with alcohol (i.e. ethanol) to a sufficient degree to impair mental and motor functioning.

Ahh, the good life. One in which you don't have to worry about what's going on, what you have to do tomorrow or what you did yesterday. It's a state of bliss that can either make you mad, happy or downright depressing. But everybody has their own state of the above term. Me - I'm a pretty happy drunk most of the time, flailing my arms like a crazy piece of crap. Others, can be pretty depressing and then manage to take you down with them until you're drowning in vodka. So reporting to you from southern California at the aftermath of my Dad's 50th birthday party; I'm drunk. Go figure.

Funny how I'm coherent enough to actually find the admin panel let alone post something. But I find myself one of those weird drunks that actually remember everything that's going on. I usually fall over on 3 Coronas. But I had 6 and am doing pretty good. Just watch, things are going to get pretty ugly. Or not.

Is this all coherent? I'm too lazy to check.

Anyway, I could have videocasted this event, then you would have seen me dance like a fucking freak, and no that's not really a good thing. You would have also seen me run around trying to force my little cousins into dancing. Finally, you would have seen me try and score more than 10 kills in Halo 2 while drinking a Corona. I don't even like Coronas! God damnit. But everything tastes good when you're gone. Yep.

Talk about raw, these are like thoughts coming right out of my head... no I'm lying. I actually tried to edit this. I'm sure there are pictures of this event, I'll make sure that Flickr gets some lovin' once I get copies. Bahaha. Meh.

In other news, this guy should be shot because why the hell would anybody bet 1337 for anything. Shot dead by some type of latino firing squad. Yep. I hope he didn't win, because that'd make him un-leet. Ok, I'll stop.

At least you know what to expect at a party... or not. For a minute there, I was actually thinking of spell checking this thing, HA. I'm a riot...

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