Bryan Gets a Call.

Well kiddies, our story has taken a drastic turn. As you can see, there is no more story, the “powers that be” have contacted me to take the post off the front page. I have also taken all links to (mt) off that post, just to prevent the ease of clickage. Not wanting to get into a confrontation with a business partner, I complied. All in all, it was a very harmless conversation, and don’t worry, they didn’t threaten to do anything. No guns, no knives, no viruses. I do respect the professionalism that the team posesses, and thankfully heads did not roll.

In retrospect, it looks like the mystery was solved as their mailbox was orphaned from their actual building (which dumbfounded me). According to a (mt) associate, they are also moving to a new location in Culver City. I hope to visit both locations in due time. Also, please do not email them about this issue, as I’m sure they’ve gotten enough traffic off of this post. Bad timing, eh? Getting linked to CSS Vault, then putting up the article.

However! This isn’t the last “investigation” of mine, not because I’m on a mission, but because it’s fun. Maybe I should back up my site now, just to be safe.