The entry below is classified as a LEGACY post, meaning that it was written (well) before the current version of Avalonstar was released. Although these posts have survived the numerous moves over years, there is no guarantee that they've survived the trip unscathed (especially the links).

Finally, Some Progress

Well, for the past week I've finally settled on a design that is worth coding, and that's the one you see in shambles right now. There are a lot of things that don't work, for one... well, let me tell you what does work. The archives work, the home page works and individual posts work, that's all for now. The rest I either have to create, or modify, or both. At this point in time I'd like to thank a WordPress guru with a lot of the little PHP things that I should know, but don't.

If you read the header, you'll see that this is version twenty of Avalonstar, now that's my personal little numbering system which includes all the drafts that have gone to the coding stage (not all have made it there, that would probably double the number). So just to give you a vision of the extent of my designer's block, frequent visitors will remember the last version being thirteen. Once I actually finish this, I'll upload screenshots the rejects.

I feel like I'm working against time, or against myself. Like if I don't finish this, or if I linger too much on a problem, I'll ditch the design. That and the fact that I'm moving back to California (sudden move, yes) on the 29th, so I guess I want to get as much done before the job search restarts and starts getting desperate. Fortunately some help has arrived from the heavens, and hopefully I'll get a job I'd like because of it.

On a completely different note - an hour to go before tango lessons in Downtown Providence. Should be a lot of fun. Edit: Never actually got onto the dance floor, but had enough fun trying to dance on the sidewalk.

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