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Half My Diet is Chinese

Ahh, the wonders of being a college student and being able to eat anything you want. No parents to say "eat your vegetables" or "don't eat too much junk food". I'm sure you're all familiar with the famous "freshman-15". #46 on my memories list follows the previous entry in the food category in that it entails my favorite alternative to university food.

Now who doesn't like Chinese food? It's one of those genres of meals that has something for everyone and it is rare that I find somebody that doesn't like anything on the menu. Now I'm no expert in Chinese cuisine, but I know what I like. Ever since I was able to live on my own, I couldn't resist getting a plate of chicken fried rice and a bowl of sweet and sour chicken. Now you will find that this is pretty much all I have wanted to eat until recently, when I introduced lo mein into the mix. There were about 4 different restaurants around Providence that I frequented, depending on where I lived or where I was at the time. On that note, it's pretty scary when you frequent one place so much that they knew what you wanted and already had it cooking when they saw you walk through the door. That happened to at least 2 of the places.

Now I would have Chinese food every night if I could, but it's not exactly the best for your health or your wallet either. The problem worsened when I had moved to another part of Providence and there was a Chinese restaurant no more than 250 feet away from the house. Needles to say, they got to know us really well. Also it's pretty obvious that we didn't have much money for anything else. Alternatives? Cooking fried rice was one of them, but it didn't work out so well. I've been encouraged to take classes in Chinese cuisine, but unfortunately I couldn't find a place that did so.

Will I ever get tired of it? Nope. I'm sure not for a long time.

Now if there are any dishes that make you drool, feel free to let us know about your sensory experiences.

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