Interviews and Sightseeing.

It’s day 3 in Savannah, and I’m starting to get accustomed to the place. But let’s start with the scary stuff, the interviews. I’ve been through 2 with Enterprise, the first with the area hiring manager and today’s with the area manager and the branch manager of the host site. Can I just conclude that I need a lot more practice when it comes to interviews? If my career counselor is reading this, then you have the right to scold me for not practicing well enough. Okay, so let’s just say it was pretty damn intimidating. Can anybody else relate? Am I stressing out a little too much?

Okay, since that’s out of my system… I must say, Savannah is a very pretty place to just drive around. Took a look around Historic River Street yesterday and went to Thunderbolt and Tybee Island today. I’m so excited that I’ll be so close to the ocean, then I saw the signs that said “Hurricane Evacuation Route” and quickly thought otherwise. Nevertheless, the more I’m in Savannah, the more I really want to get a job here. It makes me more excited about the change.

Only a few days left, and I’m praying that I made it through to the next step. If not, then talk about a “drastic change in priorities” (to quote one question from today’s interview).