Job in the Bag.

Well, that’s it. The fight has happened, the blood’s been spilled and the victor emerges. Well, not really. But I did get a job! Yes, I have signed my life away to a small company that you probably never heard of called Facebook based in downtown Palo Alto, California. If you haven’t heard of them, (short pause) they are a company whose primary function is the social networking of college students. Currently they have 3.3 million members, a number that should top 5.0 million by the end of the year! Not enough for you? In a given week, more than 70% of active users revisit. On any 30-day period, over 90% of active users come back. Those only some of the numbers that floored me during my initial meeting with the company. Not many places can say that they have users that literally eat, live and dream about their website.

So what did I win? A great job as their Interaction Designer or — I think — 2nd‐in‐command of the site. Day‐to‐day operations include brainstorming ideas, flexing my growing web standards skills and serving my role as a core‐team rookie. That shouldn’t be all, which is always the case in a start‐up operation. In comparison to the other company that had interviewed me, they were like sharks in trying to get me on their team. For a potential employee, that kind of enthusiasm can score a lot of points. I mean, how many companies will gather their whole executive team to get to know you?

So starting August 15th, I will no longer be unemployed. Maybe, I’ll even write about my days there too. Woohoo, yet another mini-series to waste my time on.