Jolly Green Bryan.

Meh. Looks like I’m falling behind. Well, this one and the next one are pretty short; although the events are pretty “life changing” I guess you could say. #44 on memory lane relates to another formally dreaded aspect of food. Now, by a show of hands, who likes to eat their vegetables? Well, not many (vegetarians don’t count). I never used to like anything that wasn’t meat, or junk food. If it was green, unless it was with meat, I didn’t eat it. And forget about all those “specialty” vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, those didn’t find my mouth too often either. Before last year (and my try at the South Beach Diet) I used to only like lettuce and carrots, not together obviously.

That changed after I found myself not fitting into my size 32 jeans. Normally my waist is a size 30, but I liked the extra room. So with all the psychological changes that tried to come about and after reading the book, The South Beach Diet, I wanted to try it out. You should have seen the look on my mom’s face when I ordered a salad from a fast food restaurant.

Today, I am still trying to keep on the diet, which works when aggressively applied. I now eat tomatoes, as well as many other kinds of greenery one would find in a salad. However, pickles and cucumbers still aren’t my thing. Can’t win them all I guess.