Kitty Lickage.

Okay, quick one here.

This is for all those feline owners out there. Our little gray domestic shorthair beauty of a female feline, Willow, is about 6 months old now. She has had the habit of licking anything she can smell and get her tounge on. Most recently, she has been licking the walls, the floor as well as our fingers and noses. I literally have to hide my hands when I go to bed to avoid being woken up by the chronic licker. It seems like a comfort thing for her, but I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem right. Jen and I really believe that she was a dog in a past life. We have tried to get her to stop by blowing in her face whenever she tries and that gets her to stop at that moment; however it just doesn’t seem like she’ll stop for good.

If you can comment on this or provide us with some information on whether this is an ackward behavior or not, it would be greatly appreciated. But even with all that aside, she is still one of the weirdest cats I have ever met.