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Live from the 101

Holy hell! What's going on here!? Hell has frozen over.

Yes kids, hell has frozen over, because I finally podcasted. Why? I don't know, I thought it would be fun really. So "Live From the 101" is my phonecast/podcast about random things, mostly things I would have otherwise posted in "Bryan's Wondering." Here's what I wrote about it:

Drives to work are so quiet, especially if you don't carpool. "So why not do a podcast," I thought. I'm thinking this is one of the many variety shows on the podcastosphere, but I don't have dancing girls sitting next to me or anything like that. Just me, my laptop and my cell phone. I'm no radio personality, but I can sure talk up a storm. Come with me on my way to work and watch if I hit something.

So every morning and evening (if I have something to talk about), I'll be podcasting in this little Odeo channel. Today's episode was about ramen, so if that gives you any indication of what this is all about, more power to you. I really wanted this to be fun for the most part. No, I didn't go out and get any wicked software and sound hardware, there's no music, just my Samsung cell phone. So, if you're ears aren't bleeding after you hear my 16-year-old voice (I'm 22 by the way), then throw me a topic to talk about. I'm sure I'll find something to say about it.

My Odeo Channel

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