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Long Lost Cousin

March 1st. 81 days to go. To start the month off, here's #42.

This one is another excerpt that pretty much explains itself. It's from my short lived Blogger account that I started parallel to my LiveJournal back in 2001. I was laughing just now at some of the entries, and conveniently skipping a few others. Today's story is of how I happened to find a cousin (related through my dad's grandfather) I never knew I had on a design forum that I moderated at the time. What would come out of this would change my life forever. See if you can guess what it is. Even if you can't, you can't help but admit that you would have felt strange if this happened to you.

Wow, as if things could get any weirder, they just did. I've been talking on IRC with the SomethingLeet crew for a while now, and there was this one person on the chat who was also of Filipino background. Well, since I happily display all my information on my site, she found out that I was a Veloso. Little did I know that her mother carries that last name as well. All excited, we asked our parents about it, and sure enough, Allie or cmyk_ink, is my cousin. I always thought I was the only designer/business major in the family. Looks like I was wrong. Now there are two. It's funny, but also weird that I found my cousin online, let alone on SomethingLeet. What a small world it is. If you would like to know our relation, it's not like we're 1st cousins, but we share the same great grandfather, her mother's grandfather and my father's grandfather. She's residing in Canada right now, but is supposed to be coming to the Los Angeles area to visit a friend. I know I'm supposed to go back to Rhode Island about that time, but I think I'll try staying a day longer to meet her in person. But check out her site when you get the chance, she has some great photography, and I've always said that my family is full of good looking people. See what I mean? That gave the phrase "it's a small world after all" a whole new meaning. That's honestly not something you see everyday.

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