Mint > Mentos.

Mint-y Freshness

Now come on, how could something this cool be released without me talking about it. *slap*

Thanks again for taking an interest in Mint. Mint 1.0 is now available at I got that today at about 3:15 PM, right after I installed a new showerhead. So without even taking a breath, I clicked on the link and found myself at the beautiful Inman Mint Supermarket, where for $30 you could buy Mint, Pepper (-mint, should have been Salt & Pepper) and Junior Mints for those on the go. After I blinked, I found myself with a pretty activation code and four ZIP files on my desktop.

First thing I did was to look around for something that resembled an import function. Nothing. I thought the “update” section of the instructions might of had something on it. Nope. After a long sigh, I proceeded to feed Mint to my server. According to the server, it tasted good, and it’s hard drive now smells fresh. Screw Mentos. Next I grabbed my activation code and tried to boot up Mint.

Nothing but a message saying that the code wasn’t correct.

“Damnit!” I thought to myself while trying again about 5 more times, being greeted by the same message after every attempt. So after yelling my brains out to poor Brian, Khaled and Greg, I emailed the Mint-master about the problem. Ten minutes later I was told that I wasn’t supposed to add the http:// before my domain name in the registration area. Mr. Inman quickly fixed the problem, showing a great sense of customer service, then asked me to try again.

So, it’s up and it’s really pretty. I never thought green could look so sexy, but Shaun did a mighty fine job with it. The Ay-yax portion of it is a little slow, as one will see parts of pages disappear to become window panes, but I got used to that pretty quickly. I have no idea how to configure the “Local Search Pepper” to work with WordPress1, but that can wait.

Overall, it’s just so welcoming. I really like it and I’m sure my stats love it too. I can’t forget to mention that Junior Mint goes really well with my Battery Indicator and Feedburner widgets.

Now… if only I can get my ShortStats ported to Mint, I’d be really happy. Shaun, stop avoiding my question. :p

  1. If you want to know how to get the local search to work within WordPress, Mike over at Binary Bonsai has just posted about it. It’s fairly easy, but I had to put in index.php myself, contrary to what the instructions said.