Randomosity Reborn.

Random thoughts… start… now.

  • Eh, I started to “reinvent” my own boxes.
  • * Bryan opens Photoshop.
  • This place needs a little polishing.
  • I hope I’ll get that alternate style in time for the Reboot.
  • Got to get this click and cloth shop built.
  • Whoring myself out to get money for the cloth shop.
  • I have to stop taking projects.
  • My posts need more structure, maybe… a topic every 30 days?
  • I think I’ll give in and start using del.icio.us, and maybe add it to this site.
  • Should I do a theme for Halloween?
  • Microsoft should take their new RSS logo and shove it up their ass.
  • I wonder if anybody likes Draftlets.
  • Inside the Life… arggggh.
  • Who the hell would supply capital to a start-up site that does tagging.
  • Related: Can anybody say bubble?
  • Need post how-to things, like worthwhile stuff.
  • *cough* I’d like feature requests *cough*
  • More sleep would be good.

Good night. :]