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Roommate Roundabout

Sitting here. Pretty exhausted. Vacation didn't really feel like one. Now I'm falling behind on the countdown, so I'll make these short and sweet.

So just like that, the first 10 are done, and now on to the next batch of memories - starting with #40. Ever have roommates? I'm sure if you've been to college you have and the experience of having one can be equally a blessing and a curse. That's not even the half of it. Take a trip back to my freshman year at the university as I list the "variety" of roommates I had back then.

  1. Roommate #1: Single white male about my age, as quiet as I was back then and just as shy. He was also a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or the Mormon denomination). The relationship didn't start out well, as we didn't really talk to each other. We both did our own thing for the first few months but that changed as we started mingling with the other students. He was a Spider Man fan boy, and his side was as filled with the guy as mine was filled with anime stuff. We definitely had our quarrels, and our long talks about nothing. Within 2 months of him transferring back to his home state of Colorado, we had become very close friends. Now? I don't hear much from him as he is married and living out his own life.
  2. Roommate #2: Single (I think) black male, 3 years older than me at the time. Flamboyantly bisexual, and had a job as a stripper. He said that everybody did it. Keep in mind that I was way more conservative back then. He scared the living crap out of me when he tried to psychologically analyze me to the point that I broke down. I never slept in the room and was always at my friend's house. I was literally scared of ever going back there and demanded a change. It happened after a few weeks. Now? He called me recently trying to get me to sell some stupid service called IXP.
  3. Roommate #3: Single (maybe forever) white male, younger than me by a few days. He is literally a carbon copy in white skin. We had many fun times and I had taught him how to play DDR. In return, he sprouted my obsession and love for the automobile and in addition taught me how not to be a ricer. I could never thank him for how much I appreciate that. So needless to say, I'm still best friends with him now. We've had many adventures together, and many laughs. You'll be seeing him in future memory entries since he had some input on what I wrote about. So I'll leave it at that.

I guess the best part of this entry is that I typed all that with less than 5 fragments when I meant to make it fragmented. Go figure.

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