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Can't help but look back at some of the more specific moments of the past four years. #45 is the first with an expert of my LiveJournal entry (July 7, 2003) about a trip to SeaWorld San Diego with my cousin Niño, my sister Steffi and her long-time boyfriend Jay. Enjoy.

Great day at Sea World yesterday, I don't think I've ever spent that much time at a theme park before. From the get-go, it was extremely humorous and hyper.

The four of us were on the Sky Ride screaming our heads off like we were scared of falling, same thing on the Wild Artic simulator ride, where I was over exaggerating the turns, and Niño was hanging on to Steffi like a rag doll. Every little exhibit had its own place with us - like the manatee exhibit with Steffi, Shamu's Fun Land with me, and the bat ray exhibit with Niño.

We also got a view of Mission Beach, and the places where I am starting to plan on living after my run though college. It would have been more fun if we could have all gone swimming in the Pacific Ocean, but conditions weren't right for that to happen - so we headed back to Sea World. The truck sat in the parking lot for a few minutes, while we were looking at people that were passing by. I think the highlight of that time was when a small plump kid was going around looking in the blue cylinder dividers, and all of a sudden the phrase, "Food?" came out of my mouth. Steffi hit me for it, but Jay and I couldn't stop laughing.

We had managed to stay pretty dry (even after the first Shamu show), until we came back to Sea World. We went on Shipwreck Rapids, not once but twice. That was a first, I had never been in a situation where I got to go on a water ride twice before. But needless to say, I was already soaked after the first splash of the first run though, the rest was just overkill, but I loved every single minute of it. I think I was the loudest one of the group.

After that we were soaking wet, and I hope everybody knows not to get soaked in denim jeans, because they never dry. Jay, Niño, and I were freezing cold until dinner, so much so that Jay and I ran back to the truck to see if we had some extra clothes. From there we went to Shamu's House of Douse, a night show with great techno music, black lights, and more of Shamu's splashing antics. Mystique de la Mer's last show would be the Ocean FantaSEA, I happened to be still energetic, so I was dancing around in place while we watched fireworks, and awesome dancers and acrobats doing their thing.

I wished that Jen was there, because she would have adored the whole atmosphere, especially the last two shows.

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