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Staring Down Graduation

Time is starting to tick a little faster. The classes have ended, and the exams are beginning. For many, this will be the final time this cycle will run. I'm staring at next Saturday, which is when that cycle ends for me. Sure, we all know this already, but the closer it comes, the weirder I feel. Heck, I'm burnt out - done - cooked - scared.

I've never felt so indecisive and then decisive at the same time, and I'm sure there have been a lot of people that have gone through the same roadblock at different times of their lives. Why should this one be so different? I did decent in school (could have done better, but slacked off a lot). I learned a lot of things through college that I would have never learned otherwise. I've found out how much I've changed. I'm more mature, I'm well spoken, more rational (at times) - it's just freaky in comparison. I can stand up for myself; I can hold my ground. I could have never said that when I was younger. But as is the norm, maturity comes with age and more so, experience. I guess it's one thing to talk about it, another to actually experience it and be immersed in it.

Sure this was a senseless babble, but in 7 days, my life is going to change without me noticing. To my parents and my extended family, this is my passing into adulthood, the changing of the guard. For Jen, this signifies the first step in our new journey. For me, this is the start of a new life, where I have ultimate control of my destiny - a new sense of freedom, an air that I have never breathed before.

In 7 days, I will wear that gown, carry the Filipino flag, and close the door on another chapter of my life. Wish me luck.

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