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Talking Outside the Box

I have never had a love for crowds. Nervousness and the evident "butterfly" feeling always filled my stomach whenever the thought of talking in front of a group crossed my mind. During the past four years, that feeling has changed. I don't necessarily display the same reactions as I used to and I'm still nervous, but #48 shall prove that practice does make perfect.

I guess I pretty much screwed myself when I decided to have a career in business, let alone a major in entrepreneurship. Did I say I didn't like to talk? Well, as many people say that college can do a lot of things to you, not many say that it can improve the way you communicate. I view it in this way because many form their attitudes and have finished their adolescent growth before they even enter college. I felt this was the same for me. Personally, I felt that my speaking skills were too underdeveloped and would pretty much stay that way. Add on to that the fact that my hands and legs shook like I was having a seizure.

Fast forward to today and about 15 presentations later. Let me clarify that I didn't do anything outside school to improve, such as that "look in the mirror" or "tape yourself" stuff. I pretty much knew what I looked like when I did the weather program back in high school. But from a trembling wreck, I've turned into a more articulate and knowledgeable speaker. Granted my best speeches are about topics that I feel highly passionate about, but nevertheless, I have seen a great change in myself now compared to four years ago. I still shake and get the butterflies beforehand, but when I start, it's like I'm performing and trying my best to woo the audience. I'm guessing it's all about your mindset, but don't take my word for it.

Now I'm wishing I could do at least one keynote at a large conference sometime in my life (hint hint). But it goes to show you that you never know how you'll change through the different experiences you face, and to be closed minded about your abilities marks you as being a very presumptuous person.

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