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The Advent of 2005

First of all...

Happy New Year!

From my family to yours, we would all love to wish you a very prosperous new year. I hope that you are all celebrating in as fun and equally as safe manner as possible. There are many events that are greeting 2005, some terrible and others joyous, I hope that yours is the latter. This year has so much in store for so many of us, and I know that we'll all get through it unscaved. I hope that for just one day we can all put our differences aside and prove that this community isn't full of sorrowful and emotional people who know no happiness.

I sit here with my family on this New Years Eve thankful for what I have. I mean, I have a family that is loving, caring and fun, a fiance that I truly care for and I am thankful for the fact that I can say hello to another year. Yes things change, friends change, families change, but there are things to be happy about, and I hope that everybody can find something to be happy for. I wish a little good 'ol fun for everybody, and for once not depending on a machine to produce entertainment.

Don't throw your life away this year, I hope that the events of the past few days have opened your eyes to something. No, I'm not asking you to mourn but to apply the lessons of these events to your own lives. VALUE your life. VALUE your friends and your family. LOVE what you have and what you will become. Stop complaining and be happy for being alive, because even by being alive you are bringing happiness to other people. For those who have lost their way, look to a friend to find it, look to your family, look to somebody. Just don't give up. For my friends, my door is always open, you know you will always have a friend in me, even though we might not be on the closest of terms.

But with that said...

I'll be on my way back to begin the year on Sunday until then, have fun with your loved ones and to those I couldn't call tonight - I wish all of you good health and a great 2005.

(From my LiveJournal)

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