The entry below is classified as a LEGACY post, meaning that it was written (well) before the current version of Avalonstar was released. Although these posts have survived the numerous moves over years, there is no guarantee that they've survived the trip unscathed (especially the links).

The Countdown's On Hold

I should have bet somebody that this would have happened. Because it did. And then I would have lost a lot of money, and I'd be on the ground in a primordial mess.

So as the title says, I'll be skipping the next 13 (EDIT: Yeah... I'm missing more than 13). Maybe this is for the better, since now I can really focus on putting the meat into the fond memories. I'm sure you're wondering why this is happening, and it's mostly because of my workload this final trimester. I've set the unimaginable goal getting a 4.0 for the term, which is something I haven't done since I entered the school. Needless to say, blah.

But, this will give me more time to come up with an actual theme for this place, as well as some more little projects I'd like to do between now and the real world. So as always, stay tuned.

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