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The Xbox 360 / Best Buy Fiasco

Time: 11:10 PM

Just got to Best Buy, looks like 30 people beat us here, which isn't that bad considering the pictures I had seen earlier on Kotaku. So Jen and I brought my Powerbooks, videos, blankets and pillows. I thought it was a little nuts bringing extra stuff. Obviously, I'm not an experienced "wait outside for shit the day it comes out" person. There were people complete with food, sleeping bags, lounge chairs, etc. Looks like the first people got here about 3 hours ago, and some of them definitely don't look like gamers. So from what I have heard, this Best Buy is getting 60 systems - 48 premium and 12 core. Even if I do get just a core system, at least I can upgrade. Anyway, I think we're good to go since if everybody got a ticket, then I'd still be able to get a premium system. I made sure there was a line before sitting down, since I saw some naughty aZn kids lining up in front of the door instead of beside it, like people with good etiquette do. Jen's off to withdraw money from my account to get the other Xbox. Thought I would make this a podcast, but hey, I didn't bring my cell phone with me. I think I heard the general manager say, "good night guys, see you in the morning."

Time: 11:50 PM

Wow, one hour. Well, we have had about 10 more people stroll in, some for the games, some for the thrill and others for the money. About 20 minutes ago, I met one of the senior developers of the ATI Xbox GPU. Looks like Microsoft and their partners like to have their workers do one thing and then completely cut them out of the loop. Anyway, I don't feel so bad getting one for selling purposes since there's a non-gamer next to us waiting just so he can sell one in the morning. I should start typing the auction details now. Eh, I think I'll live. Don't know when I'll actually sleep, but it doesn't look like anytime soon.

Xbox 360 GPU Xbox 360 GPU (Back)

Time: 12:22 PM

Well, we were just told that we have to buy the bundle packs. Either that, or sign a sheet that will "pre-order" you a system from the 2nd shipment without the bundle purchase requirement. Doesn't look like I'm leaving anytime soon, but I'll be dishing out $750 for two bundles which include the Pro system, a wireless controller, play & charge kit, three games of my choice (each with a product replacement plan), 12 months of Xbox Live, and a 2 year product replacement plan for the system itself. Oh well, might as well.

Pro Bundle #1 Pro Bundle #2

Time: 5:08 AM

Well, that was the worst sleep I have ever had. Makes you really appreciate the importance of a mattress. Poor Jenni is freezing to death since I believe it is 30 degrees out here. I literally felt the air biting at my cheeks. My contacts are out of focus. At times I wonder why I'm doing this. Looking over, it looks like there are another 10 people and this girl that likes to laugh really loudly. I don't know how many are going to get an Xbox, but I'm sure we're at the point where people will get rejected. Let's just hope it's not us. This Powerbook is a block of ice, for once I actually wish it started burning my legs like it usually did. So it's about an hour until the sun rises, I really hope it gets warmer by then. One, this blanket is way too small. Two, this blanket is a lot thinner than I once was led to believe. But going home isn't an option at this point. I wish I knew where the 7-11 was, so I could get Jen some coffee. Man, this better be worth it.

Time: 5:25 AM

Scratch that, make that about 25 new people.

The Line

Time: 5:30 AM

It's about that point where you start questioning what you're doing. Maybe it's because of lack of sleep, but for a second I heard somebody mention the 360 and I'm like, "wha? is that what I'm doing here?" Well, how could I forget. Microsoft, never again will you make me wait out in the cold for one of your products again - unless it's like the Xbox 1024x768.

Time: 7:14 AM

Morning. Well, I just came back from getting some breakfast at McDonalds. It's been a while since I've actually had the chance to do something like this, usually I'm asleep. Really, I'd rather be asleep in my warm bed since the temperature still hasn't started to rise. People are waking up, and it looks like the general manager arrived. I don't know what talk went on, but I hope it had something to do with us getting tickets, or getting inside. Anywhere where it's warmer. When I passed by the front doors on the way to my car, I saw that they were actually opening the doors at 9AM instead of 10. Looks like these guys do have a heart. :) The line is about to go around the 2nd side of the store, so I know that about half of us will leave with systems. I don't know what the fate of the others will be. Just a matter of time now.

Time: 7:53 AM

Well, we were just briefed on the systems and the order of procession. They also tried throwing BestBuy credit cards at us, needless to say, nobody answered. Looks like Jen and I are 20 and 21. They're going to be letting people in 5 at a time, so this is it. :) We're all lined up and ready to go.

Time: 8:21 AM

They just let the first people in a little while ago, looks like each person gets their own salesperson to walk them through the process. Anyway, we had some people try to cut in line, but they were prompty booed off the stage. I'm glad that time is starting to speed up now.

Line Starts Here Madden 2006

Time: 9:17 AM

Mission accomplished. We've come out with two Xboxes, six games, a faceplate, and a few other items. The salespeople were surprisingly perky for being up so early. When we left, I overheard an employee say that they only had 9 Pro systems left, so only about 25 more, and there were at least 50 people outside waiting with more strolling in. So after 12 hours, $1600 and freezing weather, we made it.

The Unfortunates The Spoils

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