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'Tis the Season to Take it Easy

Yes, the holiday season, our favorite time of year. Where we can look forward to slacking off, eating well and getting cool things. Such a joyous occasion right? But then you go into any store furnishing the goods going to people's loved ones, and it's an utter mess. Tis the season to be selfish. Nobody in the world matters but you, and you want what you came to get right now before you lose your head.

Sit down, take it easy.

Obviously, the part of the holiday season that makes me want to hurl - is the people. It makes me anti-social and isolated. "I got to get gifts for people this weekend, but wait, so many other people are going to be there bitching their heads off that the price for something was advertised as $9.98, and they're being charged $10.01." Most of the time, I've been tagged as "too nice," to the people who are supposed to be doing their jobs. But I was there, a long time ago. The holiday season is one of the reasons I utterly hate the retail industry, but you can never escape it.

Another trend that seems to be pretty hot is boycotting an entire franchise for the actions of one. "Best Buy sucks because this one kid kicked me in the shin." Maybe it was because you were being an asshole? Okay, it's not right for any employee to be kicking any customer in the shins, but for those employees out there, don't you ever get the temptation? It's times like this that we forget that the people behind the counters are people, and if that person does something wrong, don't go out and puke all over the whole brand. Take some blame onto yourself (such a hard thing to do, eh?), and leave the rest of the blame on the person that wronged you. Now if you get the same experience at more than one branch of the given retailer, then by all means throw all of this back into my face. One person at a Best Buy in San Bernardino said that it was imminent that my Xbox was going to break down like everybody elses'. Pure jealousy from her part (and quite bitchy), but I don't hate Best Buy. On the other hand, I really dislike what they did when I was told that I couldn't exchange items on Black Friday nor the Saturday after. But this is not the equivalent of say, hating Blockbuster because the manager called you an idiot. Just make sure you place your feelings where they're due. Don't take the easy way out.

But I did say take it easy this season. Let things go, let people by, give more people your smile than giving them your shit. And yes, the world will be a better place. (And give me some slack for writing such a half-assed entry.)

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