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Trying Again

Short post. I promise.

Now if you haven't read back into the archives as of yet, "Destination: Where?" has been my little miniseries explaining my prides and perils with making the transition from a college grad to a working man. First I went to Savannah, Georgia, but it didn't work out there. Tomorrow (or today actually), I'll be heading out to Los Angeles to take an American Airlines flight up to the San Francisco Bay Area for my next whack at getting a job. I have a few prospects actually, and hopefully I can add to the one interview I have now (can't tell you the company as of yet).

This is a big step for me, since it'll be my first real professional test of my design skills outside the freelance and free-work arena. Turning the hobby into a job is a giant step, and I hope I'm ready for it. Unlike some of my peers, I cannot and will not try to live off blogging. At this point in time and with my current situation, it couldn't work that way (unless I planned to live with my parents for the next few years).

I'm really excited about the next few days and I hope to meet a lot of people that I've only managed to talk to through AIM and email. It'll be weird for sure, but a welcome change. If you're in the Bay Area and don't mind the whole "meeting somebody you know online" feeling, then let me know. I'm always open to making some new friends and business partners. Finally, if you're religious, pray for me. If not, just hope. Lots of things will be changing rapidly if this goes through, and if not, it's back to square one for a third time.

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