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What NOT to Wear

Still in my effort to catch up, we run into another one of those all-inclusive memories that have changed the way I look at myself. However, this one is a little more literal than the past few. #43 was inspired by TLC's show, What Not to Wear, starting style gurus Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. If you haven't watched it, it's another one of those reality shows, just like any other on network. However, unlike the crap you'll see in other shows, this one happens to be one of the few I follow frequently.

Simply, a person who "isn't in style" is nominated by their friends and given $5,000 for a new wardrobe. However, they have to sacrifice their old one. Stacy and Clinton give them some style tips (the level of harshness depends on how badly the student performs) and the student is sent off into New York. Although they are getting just a new wardrobe, many times the style graduates are mentally redesigned, boasting renewed egos and heightened self-esteem.

Now that you have a background, TLC asked Stacy what a common fashion blunder was:

"Clothes that don't fit properly. Whatever you are trying to hide by wearing a feed sack only looks worse than it actually is."

Bingo! Up until I started watching this show, I always wore a size larger than what I was. I guess it was because my mom picked out my clothes when I was little and I stayed with what sizes I had growing up. Things didn't have to change, right? Wrong. At least in this case. I was getting fed up with not only my t-shirts being big, but my shoes were getting annoyingly large as well. It wasn't because I had shrunk; my mind and body wanted something more fitting and more comfortable. Needless to say, the same effects happened to me after I started wearing clothes and shoes that fit. I feel that I look better overall. Now, when I get back to exercising, that's when the real test of this theory comes to pass.

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