10,000 Miles.

Seems like a bunch of things are happening on the same day. :)


At about 6:35 PM in Beaumont, CA, I hit my 10,000th mile with the RX-8. Given that I bought the car on the 25th of November, it’s been 175 days (almost to the minute!). Time for the stats!

  • Average Miles Per Day: 57
  • Average Miles Per Month: 1,714
  • Anticipated Reading on 11/25/2006: 20,857 (looks like I’m lying on my insurance o_o)
  • Major Modifications: 2 (Cold Air Intake, Strut Bar)
  • Minor Modifications: 2 (Screen Protectors, Trunk Organizer)
  • Useless Purchases: at least 1 (Tire Valve Caps)
  • Car Wash Visits: at least 30
  • Times Waxed: about 3
  • Number of Dealer Visits: around 15
  • Number of Ricer Kills: Too many to count.
  • Times I Hit Redline: 10 (way too little)

All I have to say is that this has been the funnest 10,000 miles I’ve ever had with a car. The last two cars I hit this mark with were a 1989 Toyota Camry and a 1988 Mitsubishi Starion. Here’s to another 10,000!