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A Change of Pace

Happy Friday the 13th, it's also my Mom's birthday so it's a bit more special than usual.

This weekend will mark a change of pace for this site, as I will finally get my hands on and start to change the definition of this site. Yes, change, be scared - and yes, this is the Aries Project. If you're asking why, I really hope I'll be able to answer your questions in this entry. If not, then hopefully you'll find your answer through the process. This project was spawned by many things. After the last reboot, many things started to change around me. For example, a lot of the teacher-student relationships were ending as the students were graduating into their own phase of blogging. Here I was being sort of left behind in their wake. Bad thing? Not at all, I love to be an instigator of progress, but I couldn't help the sour feeling inside. Not only that, I felt I was expected to stay within the lines of a few topics. Now if you talk to me daily, or even view my Flickr feed, then you'll know that I've been going through a lot of changes myself. I remember when I had just bought my RX-8 and that night I wanted to post something about it, but then I stopped myself and thought that nobody here would welcome the idea. It would be a drastic change from the norm.

Being born on April 2 (or 2 April if you're like that) makes me an Aries, and through Jen I've begun to notice how much I fit the namesake on a daily basis. Whether it's looking for a parking spot and completely missing an open one, or my thoughts of reaching for the stars before even knowing how to get there; it just fits, and it feels really weird. If you were to look up the general traits of an Arian, then you'd find things like "adventurous, energetic, pioneering, enthusiastic, selfish, quick-tempered, impulsive" and "impatient." Needless to say, I am most of those. Honestly, I'm so impatient I wish that all of this would be done tomorrow.

What I sincerely hope to do with this is for it to be a true compilation of everything that I stand for. Since I haven't seen anybody do this before, I guess I'll be "pioneering" something, but I'll be driving blind. So, things here might not make sense or they might make sense by accident. For example, the categories (when finished) will take you to different experiences on the site while this page will be more of an aggregator than anything. The categories? I'm still figuring that out. It'll be a pretty long process, but I'm giving myself until my 23rd birthday to finish it.

So, I'll let you guys flood me with questions now, but if you notice that the design starts changing a bit, don't worry - I'm doing this gradually. (Don't think that I won't be writing about the process as we go along either.)

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