A Stark Contrast.

  • Week 1 at Facebook: Worked 81.5 hours, nothing was launched until the week after.
  • Week 1 at Automattic: Saw Alcatraz, Chinatown, The Ferry Building, and bowled at the Presidio of San Francisco. Touched up the feature I was “tested” on and launched a small teaser.

I really think that says it all. I got a lot of work done during both my first weeks, but the return of the 2nd has been so much better. Maybe it’s just me being selfish and greedy, but sometimes it does matter that a product’s audience knows who did what. Keeps the morale up and the smile on the face. We can all only go so far being the silent creators of awesome things until we lose our minds. As this crazy week dies down on all sides, the real work will start. Let’s just say I do have an agenda, I just won’t say what yet. ;)

Okay, back to apartment hunting for me. I sincerely hope that everybody at WordCamp is having a great (and educational?) time and I apologize that I wasn’t ultimately able to make it there.