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A *top Dilemma

Jen and I were talking about Christmas presents in the car tonight as we were starting our shopping and draining our wallets. We bought a few things at Best Buy, struck a few people from our list and went on from there. Then on the way home, the question I feared (yes, feared) came up: "now what would you like for Christmas," in so many words.

What's your problem with presents?

None, actually. I love presents. But, when it comes to people asking me what I want for a certain holiday or occasion I usually clam up and get all indecisive. Not that I'm indecisive already, but I get really indecisive. After a splattering of "um's" and "hmm's", Jen brought up something that I had wanted for a while but just couldn't afford. That my friends, was the wonderful Apple 30" Cinema Display. But this isn't where the story ends folks, not at all.

Here's the dilemma.

About halfway home, Jen brought up that I had also wanted a Mac Pro when they first came up. Obviously, I started dreaming about how great it would be to have this really powerful machine sitting at my feet. But then I thought, "oh crap, but I won't be able to take it anywhere." It's that age-old question my friends.

Laptop or Desktop? I've heard all the arguments, and have actually been with either platform long enough to get a feel for myself. Power or portability? It just confuses the hell out of me when I think about it. We brought up a number of reasons that weren't normal ones. For instance, how Apple has a leasing program so I could trade in a laptop after a certain amount of time and get a new one. Or on that same argument, with a desktop I won't have to worry about hitting it's limits (especially with those Mac Pros, yum).

So what's the answer?

I don't have one yet. Obviously we're going to have to save up if I want one of these, but unfortunately, living in the most expensive area in the nation for middle-class folk doesn't help. The fall back, obviously, is the Cinema Display, since I could use that with my current Automattic laptop, or a shiny new desktop. But is that really the smartest decision? I guess I'm not looking for a definitive answer, but more views from the gallery.

Well.. at least I thought this was worth asking all you Avalonstar lovelies. ;)

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