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Avalonstar's 6th Birthday

Today marks 6 years of Avalonstar. (Well, rather, 6 years since I bought the domain name.)

Birthday Cake

It's hard to try and sum up running this place for that long, mainly because I'd probably forget a lot of important bits. To see a website rather, a life project of mine reach this mark (even though I prefer things in multiples of 5) is unreal. This one happens to be special because of everything that lead up to it. So many things in my life have changed because of Avalonstar and this place means more to me than it ever has in the past. The last 12 months in particular contained things like, SXSW, WebVisions, the t-shirts and Automattic. Not one of those things would have happened if I never took Avalonstar to where it sits at this very moment.

I seem to treat Avalonstar as a person, a being, something more than just a website. This is different from the way most people treat their projects now-a-days. You see so many people in it for fame, glory and money. But then when things get tough, they recreate themselves. Not that it's a bad thing. I've had some pretty rough times here, ranging from a continuing hiatus from digital art to just general internet drama. Has it killed this place? Nope. I just can't leave this place. Call it a blessing, call it passion, call it a curse. That's why I could never slap ads on it. It's like taking Jenni and putting a WordPress sticker on her forehead. But you sit there perplexed, "Avalonstar's just a website." Believe me when I say that this place has given me more than most "friends" could have ever given.

Now I sit here, thinking about what's next. What will the next year bring?

A lot of ideas linger in the back of my mind. A lot of "communal" ideas... you know, things having to do with "community". Oh, and I need to break this dark streak too. Stuff like that.

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