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Diary of a Linux Noob (Part 1)

Talk about thinking I'd never talk about Linux, Unix or any *nix in this place - but behold, the power of the MacBook Pro and Parallel's Virtual Machine have granted me the key to the world of Linux.

So, some history.

I was never always a Macintosh user, nor have I ever touched a build of Linux before about a year ago. Yes, I was a Windows user, happily designing in Windows XP. That's an oxymoron to most people, as it is to me now. But about a year ago, three things happened. I was able to get a free miniMac from the old Gratis Networks (now FreePay), and I had signed myself up onto one of Media Temple's lovely Dedicated-Virtual servers (herein referred to as (dv)). For those that have read my (mt) writings in the past, you'll already know that a vanilla (dv) installation has Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3. The third event that took place was that I got the job at Facebook, a company that has always been LAMP-based.

Before about six months ago, I had never touched the command line. It was because of Facebook that I learned PHP, and it was also because of Facebook that I started my journeys into Linux-land. Things went downhill from there as I tried, unsuccessfully, to install PHP5 on my (dv) using the RPM and yum programs. Which is why, to this day, I have never written part 2 of my Media Temple series. However, after getting a fresh start and some help from the lovely admins at (mt), I was able to start small. Fast forward to after the CSSReboot, and I was back to playing with my server again at the hands of my "rival" Jeff Croft, this time, upgrading Python so I could install Django. I was able to successfully build both Python and then later Subversion. At the same time, I had requested a MacBook Pro and started playing around with Parallels.

What's Next?

What? Am I still a designer you say? Of course! But I'm starting to find myself jumping head first into this stuff. Right now I'm playing with both Fedora Core 5 and Ubuntu, and if virtualization gets fast enough, I might even host my development server there. Why? Well, because it would probably help me learn Linux a bit more. Updates to come as I start to get the hang of this.

But here's a question as I close this entry, what would you recommend a Linux noob such as myself to do? (I'm sure it'll help those who aren't as explicit as I as well.)

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