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For Those Wondering About bbPress

It's coming, and fast too. I'd like to introduce and welcome Mike Adams to team Automattic. Rather than try and come up with a half-assed version of his vital bits myself, I'll let Matt's wit explain it:

After escaping Moscow (Idaho), Mike has been hiding in academia for 20 or so years. We stole him from a PhD in Quantum Information at Caltech to join the real world, or as close as we get to the real world around here. In between carnitas tacos, because apparently there is no good BBQ in Southern California, Mike hacks on bbPress and the javascripty bits of WordPress. Yes folks, Mike is working on bbPress and compared to prior development, he has officially gone to town. So much so that he's changed the version tag from whatever it was to 1.0-a. Exciting eh? I never got to officially welcome Mike, so I'm using this as my attempt. :)

But wait, there's more! Get ready for a bunch of cosmetic changes over the next few months to (probably) the entire line of products.

* Bryan cracks his knuckles.

It should be fun. ;)

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