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Funny What the Sun Can Do

It's about 7:30 PM, and I can finally say that I feel relaxed for the first time today, first time this week for that matter. I have the windows open and can hear the cars fly by. It's a feeling I don't get too often while I'm alone.

Usually my relaxing moments come when Jen's with me and we're watching an episode of Lost or playing a board game. But since she's at school for another two hours, I can only fend for myself.

I had a hard time working today, on anything. It's been like that for the past week or so; maybe even longer. It's one of those phases where you have so much to think about, yet nothing's coming out of your head. Your creative juices are toast and you can't even bring yourself to write even the simplest of entries or design the most minimal of projects. So really, what happens is that you just sit there. I couldn't handle that today so I decided to do something about it. For once I could, since the sun had shown itself for the first full day in weeks. I heard a comment on the news today about Seattle laughing at us because we've been getting more rain than them lately.

So I got up, put my gym shorts on and went to the gym. I thought of nothing else for that span of 30 minutes and the only thing I could tell you was that my heart rate averaged around 164 beats/min the whole time. That wasn't enough though, I came back and still felt mentally exhausted. Then I remembered the basketball I had bought a few weeks ago. So a few hours later, I got up and walked to the back of our complex, where there was a field of grass and a basketball hoop. You know what I did? I played, and lost the first game of pick-up basketball in ages. The fact of the matter is, I played. The sun was setting and my heart was once again racing.

It's funny what a little sun can do. Although it's going to rain on and off for the next week, I can honestly say that the yellow dot in the sky can pull me through it.

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