The entry below is classified as a LEGACY post, meaning that it was written (well) before the current version of Avalonstar was released. Although these posts have survived the numerous moves over years, there is no guarantee that they've survived the trip unscathed (especially the links).

My Rules for Commenting

As sort of a sequel to my "Rules for Instant Messaging" comes the next most likely candidate, commenting. It's interesting because the comment in our world is like gold in any other. A person's opinion is invaluable, but as with gold, there are some that are the genuine artifact and others that are as valuable as pyrite.

But if I did have to make only one rule for commenting, it'd be this. (And I have Mr. Snook here to agree with me.)

  1. Commenting's fun! If you're not doing it yet, do it already! Contribute something!

Now, I couldn't just end it there. But then it wouldn't be as fun. If had to make rules that would constitute the punishment of cannibalism or the wrath of o_O, they would be the following.

  1. Stay on-topic. Comments about the site itself or even worse, technical questions are to be emailed to me. Nobody likes to see a great conversation go to waste when somebody all of a sudden says, "can you help me with diz thing?"
  2. Not a rule, but rather a request. Real names are a trend these days, I'd appreciate it if you'd use yours. ;)
  3. "Anonymous Coward" - If that's your usual nickname, forget about posting here.
  4. Stay on-topic. Oh wait, I already said that. Well, it's so important it deserves two places.
  5. Contribute to the discussion. "This article sucks you bitch," does not apply as a comment that would contribute to any discussion. I wouldn't even eat you because you'd taste so bad. Hell, making the o_O mark isn't good enough for you.
  6. If you ever make reference to Avalonstar or myself, then for the love of god please spell them right.
  7. Please, just don't be a complete and utter idiot. You're human right? Act like a civilized one. To get to the point, if your comment looks like spam, it'll be treated as such.

Jeremy Keith is right in that, "most comments suck." I love his point of view on this, but then again, I can't bring myself to align with it. I actually think one of the best comments you can leave is one that understands where I'm coming from but doesn't completely agree with my point. That always seems to start some enlightening discussion.

So sure, I could be like Andy Rutledge and close them altogether. But turning off comments would be synonymous with me talking to myself in the mirror, and thoughts of that nature scare me. Thankfully I've been lucky to have a great group of people commenting with only one pre-teen offender contaminating the comment form (I'd link to her babble, but I deleted it in my rage).

I'm willing to take the chance on you guys, just don't ruin it.

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