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One Year Strong

A year ago today, I drove home with my first "real" car, my Mazda RX-8. (Like, one I pay for myself.) It's been one of the coolest (and most expensive) years, obviously, when it comes to automobile related stuff. I've washed it countless times, "wasted" a whole bunch of money on parts (and have stopped for the time being), and killed a few too many ricers. Nah, you can't kill too many of them. ;)

Time for the stats!

  • Odometer Reading: 16,000 (I predicted 20,857 when I hit 10,000 miles.)
  • Average Miles Per Day: 43
  • Average Miles Per Month: 1,333
  • "Major" Modifications: 5 (Cold Air Intake, Front & Rear Strut Bar, Front & Rear Sway Bars)
  • Useless Purchases: 4 (B-Pillar Appliques, Seat Covers, Tire Valve Caps, Sun Visor)
  • Car Wash Visits: at least 75 (one visit cost me over $200 - for a wax)
  • Times Waxed: about 5 (including the one I just mentioned)
  • Number of Dealer Visits: around 25 (including the "recall")
  • Number of Ricer Kills: WAY too many to count.
  • Number of Potatoes I Wish I Had: I'd need more than are grown in the state of Idaho.
  • Times I Hit Redline: I also lost count of this.
  • Average Amount Spent on Gas: $45.00
  • My Least Favorite Place to Drive: San Franscisco (god damn hills.)
  • Average Miles per Tank (16 gallon tank): 290 miles (up from 216... o_O;)

Although I have taken a break from buying things for the car - and although I don't drive it as much as I used to - it's still a purchase I don't regret making. There are times I think to myself that it was too much, that I could have gotten something a little more affordable. Ultimately, that course of action would have been one that I'd regret.

Well, four years of payments to go, and a hell of a lot more modifications to do. ^_^;

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